Top 5 Marketing Essentials for Wedding Professionals

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When it comes to marketing essentials for wedding professionals, there is definitely no shortage of companies offering incredible options to help save you time in your business. As a marketing expert, I’ve worked in several different industries and had the opportunity to try out and test a fair few.

For the wedding industry, it’s important to find tools to save you time, not create more work! Time… we all need more of that, am I right?! Secondly, I wanted the tool to allow you to deliver beautifully branded results to your clients whether that be your social media, emails or other content. After all, we want you to be able to showcase to your clients the beautiful love story that you’re going to tell on their wedding day.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 marketing essentials for wedding professionals that I know you’ll love.


If you haven’t heard of Planoly yet, you’re going to love this one! This social media marketing essential for wedding professionals allows you to manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts. Their free version is really fantastic and you need not get the paid version right away (I used it for months before upgrading).

The free version allows you to plan your grid with your actual images so you can ensure your grid is branded and balanced. You can also preplan your captions, schedule your posts and save groups of hashtags.

If you want to get the paid version, this will show you the optimum time to post based on your followers and allow you to schedule directly to Facebook.

Pro Tip: Use it to schedule your content during busy months so you can set and forget it. If you want to add new photos in later, it’s easy enough to swap them out.

Go check it out! It’ll be your new favourite timesaver.


Okay this is probably my favourite in the list of five. Flodesk is the newest email marketing platform I’ve tried and I absolutely love it. I’ve tried several of their competitors and although Flodesk is the new kid on the block, they’ve nailed it! They’ve created a platform that is so simple to use and easy to learn.

One of my favourite features is how easy it is to create visually beautiful emails. They can really ramp up even the most simple of communications.

Another feature is that their pricing does not increase depending on the number of subscribers you have. Other email platforms you pay per level and so the more you build, the more you pay. If you’d like to sign up, my link will get you 50% off!


I’m a huge fan of automating the admin in your business. Imagine being able to spend 80% of your time being creative and 20% of your time doing paperwork. This marketing essential for wedding professionals provides you with ways to manage your business, book clients, send invoices and get paid! HoneyBook will work with you to setup your profile and import your current branding, pricing and contracts so no need to worry about transferring things across.

You can get a free trial for 14 days so check it out and see how it can help your business.


If you’re using Pinterest (which you should be), Tailwind is my must have Pinterest tool! You can automatically Pin at the best times for more engagement, reach, and website traffic so you can kick start your Pinterest strategy.  Two of my favourite features are the smart loop and tribes. The smart loop re-circulates your pins for you so you can reuse pins you have already created – a huge time saver! The Tailwind Tribes help you establish a specific niche in your area so you can find more relevant content to share to your followers.

You can get one month free with the link below:


Canva is the tool I use to do the majority of graphic design for my business. I have access to professional design software yet I find that Canva is more than enough for what I need the majority of time. I use these to create my freebies and any text based social media graphics.

Again easy to use is key and Canva is so simple to use. It’s drag & drop and also helps balance by showing guides. If you have the premium version it will save your branding colours & fonts to keep consistency across all your designs.

Give it a go for free today!

Implementing these Marketing Essentials for Wedding Professionals

We hope you found these resources helpful and can find some to implement these marketing essentials in your business. My advice is to try one thing at a time rather than try and do it all at once. That way you can really see the time saving benefits when you get one perfected. Focus on the ones that you think will help automate your business and drive your business forward.

Schift & Co partners with affiliate platforms where commission may be earned based on clicks and or purchases. Some of the links above are affiliate links but we only recommend purchases that we have actually used in our own business & invested in ourselves.

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