5 Ways to Level Up Productivity in your Wedding Business

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Wedding professionals new and not so new… this blog is for you. We’ve all heard the saying that if you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Wrong. In a previous life (so it feels like), I was a music teacher. I was teaching 6 days a week teaching, cleaning & doing admin work. I absolutely loved teaching but found myself burned out in a few months. Plus, with all the work I was doing I still had barely anything in my bank account to show for it. I actually still teach music now… but to a select few students where it really isn’t about trying to make sure my bills are paid. To me, even though I was doing something I loved, it definitely felt like hard work. Now a few years along, I have a business that I absolutely love and I’ve found a way to make things work without burning myself out. So here are the top 5 things we wish I had put into practice earlier on in my career… the 5 things you need to start doing in yours!

Done is better than perfect… most of the time.

When completing a task as a creative entrepreneur, we have such high standards for ourselves that we find ourselves struggling to get things done. I am a firm believer that you should try your best but if perfect is not moving your business forward, it’s time to cut yourself some slack. By focusing on just getting those tasks done, you will find a huge increase in productivity. Most of the time, you can go back and get things fixed up later on. Now, there are definitely things that warrant more attention to detail such as editing those photos, or designing those bouquets. It’s okay to invest more time for perfectionism there. However, your social media posts are just not on the same level. Just get them done!

Aspire to be Productive Over Busy

Working 7 days a week and long hours is a recipe for disaster. Creative brains need time off to be optimal so by trying to crush long hours, you’re just not able to deliver your best. Focus on taking time off to invest in yourself outside your business. By allowing yourself that rest away, you give space for those creative ideas to start flowing.

Quit Playing the Comparison Game

Nothing destroys creativity quite like comparing yourself to others. By basing everything you do off what someone else is doing is only going to lead to dissatisfaction. You’re right, you’ll never be quite like them…. But that’s not who you need to be anyway. Each one of us has our own unique gifts and talents… while we may do something similar to someone else, you’re always going to be one step behind them if you’re following exactly what they’re doing.


When you’ve built a successful business, you may find it difficult to outsource. The sooner you find things to hand over to someone else, whether it be in your personal life or business, you’ll realize how much more you get done. Find the things in your business where you truly shine. For a florist, this is likely designing & creating arrangements. On the other hand, you may decide that your email box, marketing and delivery can be handled by someone else. By outsourcing the menial tasks, you give yourself more time to deliver outstanding service or add additional clients to your list.

Automate Your Business

Similar to the above, as business owners we can get stuck doing all the things. Here at Schift & Co, we are advocates for automating your business! You can create workflows for certain parts of your business that not only save you time but oftentimes provide your clients with a far better experience. Some things that you can start automating in your business are:

  • Social Media
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Emails

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and have some new ideas that you can start implementing in your business today. If you want to stay in the loop with more resources for wedding businesses. Sign up for our email list and get the latest tips & tricks to business success, right in your inbox!

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