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Hi there!

I'm charlotte

Founder of Schift & Co, business expert, creative dreamer & your personal cheerleader!

When I was planning my own dream wedding, I did what most brides do — I turned to Instagram! But behind all of those beautifully-curated feeds, I quickly realized there was so much more that goes into choosing partners for one of the most important days of your life.

The vendors we ended up working with were easy to find, had a stellar client experience, stood out beyond the feed, and reflected the story we wanted to tell on our wedding day.

My strategy-driven brain— together with my MBA and 5+ years of experience in the corporate marketing world — told me I had to dig deeper. I soon found that SO many talented, overworked wedding professionals were spending more time stressing over their marketing than doing the work they truly loved.

As a fellow lover of love, I knew I’d found my people... and that I had to help change the tide. And so, Schift and Co. was born.

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