5 Key Tips for a Successful Sales Call to Book Your Next Wedding Client

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In this week’s podcast episode, we interview Nicole Renee from Nicole Renee Coaching, which helps wedding-industry entrepreneurs master the ins and outs of growing their business without stress or overwhelm… so they can live in abundance, not get burnt out, and can continue doing what they love. 

If you are a wedding pro committed to providing the best of your wedding services for the most special day of your client’s lives, you want to make sure that it is not just about the output, in the end, it is all about the whole package itself.

For Nicole, delivering a great and tailored-fit sales offer, like a wedding vow, demonstrates how well you understand and relate to your client’s needs. All of this without diminishing the value of what you do while achieving abundance in sales.

How to cultivate Innate vs. Acquired selling skills?

Is it possible to have a natural talent for selling? Yes and no, respectively. Some people are born with talents and gifts, but those who cultivate their skills, practice, and educate themselves improve with time. Being an expert requires 10,000 hours of practice, and this training is quite beneficial. As a business owner, you’ll have to practice new talents and learn from your failures in order to be better. 

What are your ways to create the right mindset for a business to be successful?

Do you have the right mindset to keep taking your business to the next level? Most of the time, one of the factors that could make or break our journey is our mindset. The first thing to look for is trying to limit misconceptions about sales that most people have. There are many ways towards achieving abundance in sales without the negativity that comes with it.

To be in the right headspace that exudes excellence in your services, you must reflect and recognize that you are offering something in integrity and with integrity. You’re offering the service of helping someone on their most unforgettable day. They’ll be eager to compensate you well if you can actually achieve this in such a wonderful way. By shifting your perspective to one of being of service to these wedding clients, you may shape the conversation in a way that will be valuable to them and will help you embrace the integrity mindset.

How to close more sales and get the clients you want without being pushy?

Integrity is all about understanding the client’s needs, learning their priorities, and knowing how to meet those priorities. That is why, before you decide to pitch your services and hop on a call with a possible client, think about the following points. It’s vital to thoroughly qualify your clients and get to know them before pursuing them. It’ll be a two-way transaction, so make sure you and the client are compatible.

If you believe the person you are speaking with is not a good fit and you are simply pitching for the sake of pitching, then you have to think twice about pursuing them.

If your skills are valuable, what you’re offering is appropriate for the client and you feel like you’ve properly equipped yourself, there’s no need for one-liners or slimy tactics.

You just need to be more confident in the value of what you do and trust the process.

How to handle difficult pricing conversations without losing the client?

It’s a good idea, to be honest about your prices even if there will be clients that do not fit into the budget at times, and that is totally fine. Being firm while also being open about prices is part of having an integrity mindset. It’s critical to learn about the client’s overall wedding budget and preferences so you can truly understand their needs.

If your pricing is a little higher than the client’s budget, focus on the value of your service, and make sure that one of their top priorities is your specialty. We get it, we’re not perfect and we sometimes have a hard time discussing this with our clients. But if you trust that you got a good mix of branding, marketing, and your edge to back up your pricing, you’re good to go. Because of this, you may be able to help them understand the value of what you’re doing if they have additional room for things that are genuinely important to them. Be honest about it, use a casual tone, and ask if they are willing to negotiate. Try to keep the conversation light to allow for an honest exchange with them. 

If you are afraid that a limiting mindset where you believe you’re constantly losing or that everyone is better than you is stopping you from trying again, remember that this will not help you find the right clients and grow your sales. You have to remain focused and driven. When something does not work out the way you wanted it to, you just have to accept the fact that you cannot help everyone. All you have to do now is learn from the experience and move on to the next prospect.

5 key tips to structure a successful sales call that you don’t want to miss

It’s extremely crucial to be prepared and have a good game plan in mind before initiating a sales call. It will be much more difficult to seal the deal without this. In our episode, Nicole Renee has shared how to create a structure for your next sales call. You won’t want to miss her 5 key tips for structuring a successful sales call:

  1. Make it lighter and fun, and engage with your clients on a personal level. Make them like you, and the talk will be far more fun and less stressful.
  2. Make a list of your questions ahead of time. Sit down and consider what you need to know about them and whether you can provide the service they need. Everything you need to know to provide them with a proposal that will address their challenges and build on that.
  3. Get them on the call, make introductions, and establish rapport. Quickly inquire about their day.
  4. Establish the call’s expectations. Tell them what will happen on the call. Ask the client some questions, explain how your value and services can benefit them, and present your packages/prices in line with their responses from the question and answer session. Begin with the most expensive package and work your way down to the most affordable one. Get real-time feedback on which package best suits them, and be prepared to answer any questions they may have.
  5. Request a time frame on when can you contact the client about their decision. This is also useful for you to plan for the follow-up call and next steps. This helps eliminate the possibility of a potential client “ghosting” you. It gives you an advantage since your client recognizes your dependability and commitment to providing them with the best possible service for their wedding.

These helpful tips can serve as a great starting point for you to start booking your next wedding client that could convert to more sales. The right mindset, willingness to learn, be better, and how you take care of your clients are what will set you apart from the others in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nicole Renee, you may visit her website and connect with her on Instagram

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